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Facebook contact support live chat

  1. How to contact facebook support
  2. How to contact Facebook chat?
  3. How to talk to Facebook via WhatsApp?
    1. Free support@facebook. com
    2. Facebook business support chat
    3. Whatsapp facebook support

How to contact facebook support

It is surprising that to contact the technical support of the most used messaging client in the world you have to resort to your email client to open an incident, but this is something that WhatsApp has begun to change.

The new support screen that is appearing in some users, after describing the problem we see that in the "Follow" button informs that we will be answered through a chat. It will no longer send an email.

In that new chat WhatsApp informs that it will respond to our problem within 48 hours, also recalling the problem we had described. So during the next hours and days in that chat we will be in contact with their technical service to solve the problem. When WhatsApp considers the problem solved, the conversation will be abandoned.

It is still unknown when this new support chat will be available worldwide. At the moment it is only available for some WhatsApp Beta users, so we will have to wait at least a few weeks.

How to contact Facebook chat?

How to get in touch with the support team

In the Training tab, select Contact Support. Choose the topics you need from the drop-down menu. Compose your message. Select whether you want your preferred contact method to be chat or email.

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How to talk to Facebook via WhatsApp?


All you have to do is add this number (+1) 650 543 4800 to your address book and save it with the Facebook name, then you can find it as a user in the WhatsApp account to send messages.

Free support@facebook. com

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Call us at the Open English phone number corresponding to your country that you will find at the bottom of our page, write us on WhatsApp at +1 (305) 728-8957 or through the chat inside the platform.

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Facebook business support chat

For only $10 a month, Cox offers its advanced technical support that goes above and beyond expectations and serves you with a dedicated support line that is open 24 hours a day. What's the best part? You can enjoy two types of coverage, i.e. online and in-person, all under one plan.

Easier management is now at your fingertips. Control everything from your account to your services with the Cox Business MyAccount App. Simply download the free app to your mobile device and:

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Essential requires a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Use of a Cox-approved cable modem is required. Uninterrupted or error-free Internet service, or the speed of your service, is not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary. See for complete Cox Internet disclosures. Other restrictions may apply. All Cox Internet plans include 1.25 TB (1,280 GB) per month of data usage. Additional data plans may be added for an additional monthly fee. Excess usage is $10 per additional 50 GB block, except for Unlimited Data Plan subscribers. Unused data does not roll over. For details on data plans and data usage, see and Cox cannot guarantee the intended results of McAfee ® services or that McAfee ® software will be free of bugs, interruptions or other failures. McAfee ® services and features are subject to change. McAfee ® is a registered trademark of McAfee ® , Inc.

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Whatsapp facebook support

Bernardo OchoaLinioSr. Operations CoordinatorA technical team always attentiveBecause they have a technical team that is always attentive and with the best disposition to provide us with solutions and they are constantly looking for improvements for the application as well as making recommendations of the best practices that can be used.

Nicole RojasMKK Customer Service ManagerEasy to implement with effective supportBecause it works very well, it is a very intuitive tool which makes it easy to implement and they have a support service that is really efficient and effective.

Magdalena BocazChilquinta EnergíaCustomer service agentWe keep customer information up to dateI value very much that it is an intuitive and easy to use platform, which can house and contain service information, it allows us to update the customer database quickly and easily, it also allows us to quickly review the history of conversations, which is very useful, since it allows us to map the customer to better contextualize the requirements related to their service.

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