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And meaning in chat

  1. What does it mean and in chat
  2. What does it mean in the chat?
  3. What does :' C mean in WhatsApp?
  4. What does More mean in chat?
    1. What does chat mean in English
    2. What does rq mean in chat
    3. English abbreviations for chat and their meanings

What does it mean and in chat

The term emoticon or emoticon, also called gestural icon or smiley, comes from the English emoticon (smiley), which derives from the words emotion, which means emotion, and icon, which means icon, symbol or graphic representation.

An emoticon is a drawing of a human face (turned sideways, by default) made with dots, dashes and other language symbols to represent different moods and express emotions with their facial expressions.

Scott Fahlman, research professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, in 1982, proposed the famous smiley face or smiley 🙂 to distinguish in a message in electronic media between what is written in jest and what is written seriously. From then on, emoticons began to be used frequently in e-mail messages, SMS, chats and forums, and nowadays they are usually automatically replaced by the corresponding images. Emoticons help to express emotions and improve long-distance text communication between people. There are many variants and new emoticons and new ways of using them are constantly emerging.

What does it mean in the chat?

:< sadness, frustration. 🙂 smile, cheerful. 🙂 smile, cheerful.

What does :' C mean in WhatsApp?

Means With Copy to...

What does More mean in chat?

Habla más. para que la Búsqueda y el Chat sean más eficaces.

What does chat mean in English

If you are one of those who used to send SMS, before WhatsApp existed and we all had Internet on our cell phones, you will know the importance of knowing these abbreviations to be able to follow the conversation and understand what is being said (sometimes it was hard for me to decipher what I had put).

If you have ever watched MTV you must know this abbreviation used by teenagers and, sometimes, not so teenagers... It stands for Best Friends Forever or, its Spanish version, Mejores Amigos Para Siempre.

It is short for Laughing Out Loud, which means something like laughing out loud. It is not used as much as it used to be, because in many social networks you can include emoticons to better express emotions, but its use is still very popular.

It stands for Not Safe For Work. It is mostly used to warn other people that the information is not safe to view in your workplace, because if your boss catches you viewing it when you should be working you will surely star in an awkward moment.

What does rq mean in chat

Note: Live Q&A sessions are not available for mobile devices. If you are using the YouTube app for mobile devices, you can manage your broadcast via the Live Control Room, where you will find the live chat features.

The live chat badges will identify the broadcaster and moderator. If your channel is suitable for memberships, you can create custom badges for members who also appear in the live chat.

On mobile devices: When typing a chat message, press whether you want to add a YouTube emoji or the emoji icon on the device's keyboard to add one from the operating system.

YouTube Emotes are a set of static images exclusive to our platform that can only be used in live chat and comments. They were created by a diverse group of artists and allow you to express ideas or feelings. They can be found in the emoji selector above the standard emoji set.

English abbreviations for chat and their meanings

When you create a new WhatsApp account, one of the steps is to write your name, but then in WhatsApp you appear to each person as they have you saved in your contacts. So what is the name you choose when you create a WhatsApp account?

In this way, you can choose the name "Pepito", but your father may have your mother saved you as "Hijo" or your employees as "El jefe". In WhatsApp, the name of the mobile contact is used and not the one chosen by that person.

The bad news is that this will not work with strangers, as you will need a conversation to be established -that is, there is a chat in between- to be able to see the name that a person has put on WhatsApp.

  Bm meaning in chat
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