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Couples therapy sessions to find wellness togetherWork on your relationship with your partner by scheduling an online couples session with one of our remote psychologists.Learn moreWe help organizations to improve the quality of life of their employeesLearn moreBlogWhat is effective communication? The best techniquesCommunicating our ideas is fundamental when building personal and work relationships, and we can always learn how to improve it.

How to be a good team leader? 10 tips to achieve itLearn how you can develop and improve your leadership skills, to become the best leader you can be and the one your team needs.

I need to talk to someone

Tailored mental health You deserve personalized care for your emotions. Answer the questionnaire to start We want to get to know you and recommend the best specialist for you. Choose your favorite specialist Schedule an appointment with one of our recommended specialists. Follow your path to wellness Attend your appointments, listen to meditations and enjoy additional content.

Our services Everything you need to take care of your emotions, in one place, whenever you need it. Start taking care of you now. Give yourself the opportunity to feel good. Start your path to wellness now.


One of the most profusely usual fantasies for couples - and at the moment of more taken to a reality - go jumping for threesomes. Apparently, 3 at the present time do not turn out to be crowd on which to privacy will inscribe punctuates.

Sexual, within strangers, with friends or erotic buddies this type of praxis takes the track of the ground on the genius sometimes of excellent form as well as different as some repetitive routine.

On how to designate that third party, where to investigate, who should prevent the test as well as the way on how to think about what to take result in the totality of the doubts to ponder.

"Threesomes are not of the anxious nor in the circumstance anxious," explained to Clarin Patricio Gomez Di Leva, psychologist specialist concerning boys and girls and sexologist (on Instagram, ). "You should take the time to have a good conversation, think about different situations or in the bar scenarios that it is possible to show and it has not transpired to remain both completely convinced of wanting to do it, taking into consideration that our authorization is relevant," he added.

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