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How do you maintain fluidity when there are infinite Zoom screens and many miles between your team members? Whether you want to cut through the small talk, connect around a shared purpose or develop a sense of belonging, our teamwork kit will take care of it.

Work and life are blending together like never before, which means work-life balance takes a little extra effort. Our wellness kit offers simple tools to keep you well all over. Learn how to better set boundaries, reduce negative mental chatter, and more.

Our expectations for how and when we work change faster than ever. Thriving in this context means treating everything we create, from our culture to our products, as creative experiments. We support learning. And we only finish 1%.

In a culture plagued by "presenteeism," we champion autonomy and focus. We save meetings for the 3d (discussion, debate and decision making). Everything else we handle by chat, email or documents. We care about your impact, not how many meetings you have.

Google sites pro

Overcoming telework obstacles leads to the adoption of technologies that seek greater efficiency, but also strengthen ties between employees and facilitate communication. Credit: VSpatial.

In the wake of the pandemic, hybrid models that combine telework and in-office presence are here to stay. Telework requires new forms of organization with more flexible processes and digital tools that allow managing teams, tasks and communication between employees remotely.

To comfort the feeling of belonging to the group in such a hostile social context, it is essential to facilitate the dynamics of collaboration and joint learning. These are the objectives of the online tool Miro, which allows brainstorming to be managed visually, using synchronized digital whiteboards, a timer and a real-time voting system:

Strengthening teams that do not work in the same physical space is one of the objectives of Miro, which brings synchronized digital whiteboards to virtual meetings for managing proposals and ideas. Credit: Miro.

Google meet pricing

The best programs have a fast learning curve, an affordable price and include the tools you need to run productive meetings. To help you find the right one, we looked at these options, taking into account factors such as price, user experience and the number of participants allowed in each meeting.

Jitsi is a program that you can use completely free, as it is open source. It promises a premium experience, even if you don't have registrations to begin with (and, if you are a programmer, you can help improve it whenever you want).

The first thing you need to do is search your contact list for the person you want to call. Select them and then choose between the "Audio" or "Video" buttons. To make a group call just add as many participants as you need.

Note: there is no ring tone in group calls with more than 25 participants. The group will receive a call start notification and can select the "Join Call" option as soon as they are ready.

Google meet with no time limit

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